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Wine Tour for 8 days — the whole packet

The tour includes travelling around Georgia, the cradle of winery and unique national cuisine. The tour provides acquaintance with history, culture and folk of the country, visiting wine-cellars and wine-tasting. The tourists will have the opportunity not only to taste the wines and Georgian national dishes but also, depending on season, they will be able to take part in any process; such as gathering grapes, making wine, »Churchkhelas« and etc.

The main living place and accommodations of the tourists of our Agency is Kvareli.

1st Day:

Arrival to Tbilisi.

1. The guide will meet you in the airport and help you to get to the hotel.
2. Breakfast and lunch after the arrival.
3. Excursion around the city.
4. Supper in the restaurant.
Night in Tbilisi.

2nd Day:

Travelling to Kakheti. Sighnaghi — Kvareli.

1. Breakfast.
The tour with a guide to Kakheti, the home of wine. On the way you will be able to visit Sighnaghi (the city of love). Sighnaghi is a very small town but you can find many interesting places in it such as the museum of well-known Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani; Bodbe monastery, where relics of the saint of St. Nino are buried.
2. Lunch in Sighnaghi, the first meeting with Georgian meal and wine.
3. After lunch leaving for Kvareli and resting in the hotel you’ve chosen.
4. Supper and wine-tasting in the hotel.

3rd Day:

Visiting Nekresi — Gremi. Excursion and wine-tasting in »Kindzmarauli« Co.

1. After breakfast a visit to Gremi — Nekresi.
Nekresi — one of the first Christian temples in Georgia. The complex consists of several buildings, the oldest one is a small bazilika, built in the 4. century. The monastery is situated high in the mountains, and surrounded by fascinating forests and stunningly beautiful view of Alazani Valley.
Gremi — The old residence of the kings of Kakheti (XVI–XVII c.c) it played the greatest role in the history of medieval Georgia. Gremi was not only the capital of Kakheti but the trade centre of the Great Silk Road.
2. Lunch at the Ilia’s Lake in Kvareli in the Restaurant of the »Royal Batoni« hotel.
3. After lunch the excursion and wine-tasting in the Wine corporation »Kindzmarauli«.
4. Supper in the hotel or in the restaurant of the wine factory »Kindzmarauli«.

4th Day:

Travalling to Napareuli and Lake Lopota.

1. Breakfast.
2. Excursion to the wine cellar »The Twins«. Visit to the museaun of wine and pitchers (Kvevri). The wine-tasting of »The Twins«.
3. Lunch in the restaurant of Lopota Lake.
4. Resting time, enjoying the amazing nature, boating and walking around the lake. (The rest time is not limited until supper.)
5. Supper either on the lake or after returning back in Kvareli (by the choice of the guests).

5th Day:

Visiting the wine factory »Winery Khareba« wine storing, Masterclass of Georgian cuisine: baking Georgian national bread, »Mtsvadi«… Trip in Kvareli.

1. After breakfast visiting Wine celler »Wynery Khareba« , wine storage. “Winery Khareba’’ is located in the rocky slope of the Caucasus mountains, It is one of the most fantastic sightseeing places of Georgia the cave was built in 1950 and it became one of the unique storages for the best wines of Kakheti. During the whole year the natural temperature of the inner cave is 11–13 C, that makes the ideal conditions for keeping and storaging wine. Trip-walk around the amusement park, where there is a pool for breeding Farrell. In the park there is a beautiful wine-tasting hall, where you can taste the delicious and different high quality varieties of Kakhetian wines of the »Wynery Khareba«
2. Lunch in »Khareba« restaurant.
3. A trip around Kvareli — visiting museums, the hill of Ilia Chavchavadze and a magnificent »Ilia Lake« which is a well worth to visit.
4. Supper (by the choice of the visitors).

6th Day:

A trip to Tsinandali, visiting the museum of Alexander Chavchavadze and wine cellar, a trip to Alaverdi Cathedral, Kissiskhevi and a visit to Georgian-German wine cellar of »Schuchmann«.

1. After breakfast visiting Tsinandali.
Tsinandali — The Chavchavadze family estate is encircled by well maintained gardens and rare trees not found elsewhere in Georgia. Alexander Chavchavadze founded the wine cellar in 1886, and since then the traditional wine making process took its place in here. Here you can enjoy yourself tasting the famous Georgian wines.
2. Visit of Alaverdi Cathedral (by the wish)
3. Trip to Kissiskhevi and visiting the Chateau »Schuchmann« wine cellar, which was founded by the non-professional winemaker Burckhard Schuchmann. He found Georgia and its traditions of winemaking for himself during his travelling in Georgia.
4. Lunch and wine tasting in Chateau »Schuchmann«.
5. Supper in Kvareli either in the restaurant or in the hotel according to the choice of the guests.

7th Day:

The last day of the tour.

1. After breakfast flexible programme — everything depending on the wish and the choice of the guests. Enjoy the last day of your holiday until leaving to your country. (You are given the chance of horse-riding as a variant depending on the weather.)
2. Picnic in the open air (depending on the weather).
3. Farewell supper accompanied by folk groups and folk songs.

8th Day:

Departure of the guest to their home countries.

1. Breakfast in the hotel.
2. The following programme is dependent on the departure time of the guests.

The total fee includes:

The service of »Wine Route Geeorgia«:
Guide, transportation
The hotel — 4 stars accommodations
Three time meal
The wine tasting

Price: from 1300€
per person

Please contact us if you would like to have more information about the tour: info@wine-route-georgia.com