Photos: Badri Vadachkoria


Winery »Schuchmann«

Winery Chateau »Schuchmann« is situated in the eastern Georgia, the village Kisiskhevi. This winery was founded by German amateur-winemaker Burkhard Schuchmann, who discovered Georgia and the tradition of wine making in this country during his travels. Here the guests are given the opportunity to taste local wines. schuchmann-wines.com

Winery »Khareba«

There is an unique attraction in the rocky mountain slope of Caucasus – a tunnel, built in the late 1950s. The uniqueness of this tunnel is that the temperature is always 11–13 degrees, which creates ideal conditions for wine storage. There is a tasting room on the territory of the park recreation, where the tasting of fine wines Kakheti production »Megvineoba Khareba« can be done. winery-khareba.com

Winery »Twins Wine Cellar«

The wine company »Twins Wine Cellar« in Napareuli, was founded by twin brothers. It is located in the village Napareuli. There is the only museum of wine and jugs in Georgia. Here visitors are explained in details how the dry wine is processed in Kvevri (big wine jugs). Guests of the company have an opportunity to taste the wine from Kvevri, the own production of Twins cellar.ge