Photos: Badri Vadachkoria


Hotel »Royal Batoni«

Hotel »Royal Batoni« is a high class hotel. The hotel is located in the historical part of Georgia, in the town of Kvareli, high in the mountains near the lake Ilia. The hotel is located 146 km from Tbilisi (1.5 h by car). royalbatoni.ge

Hotel »Kvareli Eden Wine Spa«

The hotel complex »Kvareli Eden Wine Spa« is a high-class hotel. It is located in the town of Kvareli, just a few kilometers away from the city center where museums, temples and many other Kvareli attractions are situated. The complex is located on the right bank of the river Bursa. The hotel offers features an indoor pool and a spa with wine treatments. It is 153 km from the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. kvarelieden.ge

Hotel »Kvareli Lake Resort«

The Hotel »Kvareli Lake Resort« is a high-class hotel. Hotel and Wellness Centre is located in the town of Kvareli. The Hotel is located on the banks of Kvareli Lake, which offers magnificent views of the Alazani Valley. kvarelilakeresort.ge

Hotel »Chateau Kvareli«

»Chateau Kvareli« is a hotel at the winery »Kindzmarauli Co«. For their guests the Corporation offers a free tasting of its own production. The hotel is located in the center of Kvareli, a 15-minute walk to Lake Ilia. chateaukvareli.ge

Hotel »Lopota Lake Resort«

»Lapota Lake Resort« is located in the historic region of Eastern Georgia — Kakheti. The complex is located in the paradise of the Lopota Lake valley, 100 kilometers from the capital of Georgia Tbilisi. lopota.ge