Photos: Badri Vadachkoria


About us — expertise and insider knowledge

»Wine Route Georgia« Ltd. was founded by us, the sisters Russo Patatishvili van Mourik and Tea Patatishvili. Our company is engaged in the organization of exclusive tours to the most beautiful places of Georgia. The idea to organize the Exclusive Travel Company is not accidental. We were born and grew up in Kakheti — one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia, but lived and studied in Germany for many years.

Tea Patatishvili
Russo Patatishvili van Mourik

We have many friends in Germany and many other countries of Europe, together with whom we used to come often to Georgia and visited almost all fine parts of our country.

Each time coming back from our trips to our homeland, where we were visiting beautiful parts of it, we shared our experiences with numerous friends living in different parts of Europe. And every time the number of people who wanted to join us grew, thence came the need of careful design of routes, taking into account the diverse desires of our guests.

By returning home, these enthusiastic tourists sent other interested in our country people. The routes were becoming more varied and interesting, and our individual approach and special attitude to every guest helped each of them to discover and fall in love with Georgia as we do.