Photos: Badri Vadachkoria


Welcome to Wine Route Georgia!

Wine Route Georgia is a travel company that is engaged in the organization of individual and exclusive tours to the most beautiful places of Georgia — the oldest wine-growing country in the world.

The Beauty of Georgia

Georgian territory extends from the subtropical Black Sea coast to the mountainous ranges of the Greater Caucasus. Georgia is a perfect combination of different types of landscapes and climates: subtropics, sea, mountains, lakes and forests. It has a rich history, numerous monuments of architecture, unique culture and a big variety of delicious food.

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, which is located amidst the scenic mountains and cliffs, with its traditions and ancient culture. Beautiful landscapes that surround Tbilisi, give it a special shape, combined with a wealth of culture and traditions of fidelity to make the capital of Georgia more interesting and attractive.

Wine in Georgia

Georgia is the oldest wine-growing country in the world. In the recent years, this fact is not argued anymore. The tradition of viticulture in Georgia has a long history. During archaeological excavations grape seeds and pitchers (Qvevri) were found dated over 8000 years B. C.

Georgian method of wine-making in Qvevri is one of the three existing methods in the world. Aging wine in Qvevri can save quite a long time impeccable quality wine.

The wine aged in Qvevri is a pure and healthy product. Georgian method of making Qvevri wine has been approved by UNESCO to be included in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013.

Because of the excellent climatic conditions vineyards can grow in all regions of Georgia. About 500 varieties from 4,000 of the world’s grape vine varieties grow in Georgia. The most widespread grape and wine production is obtained in Eastern Georgia — Kakheti, which till today remains the center of Georgian wine. Alazani-Valley is the most famous wine-growing region of Kakheti.